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“Thank you for your efforts in sourcing and providing very tasty good quality meat at the great price. You are definitely true to aim of “pristine" meat. The meat is so clean and the fat tinged with yellow.

For months I have been searching for good quality, more than organic meat. Meat from cattle that have been grass feed and finished and also that have not been feed any soy, given the amount of havoc they play with hormones.

My first point of call in my search was EPIC. There are quite a number of organic/biodynamic farmers selling direct to the public. I have tried a few of the farmers produce but in the most cases I have been disappointed at the taste of the meat or when it has been nice the lack of variety in cuts. Sufficient to say I will not be purchasing from them again.

So I decided to try out butchers and stubbed across your butchery as you located close to the Mountain Creek Whole foods. I was impressed to learn that you only source your meat from one farmer and have real knowledge on what he feeds and how he takes care of his cattle. And then for the taste test, having purchased a number of cuts including blade steak and lamb cutlets. I tried both cuts that same day. This is the best meat I have every tasted, it’s juicy and does not make me feel like I’m chewing gum! I’m happy that my search is finally over.

Now that I’ve bought a whole lamb, and have been able to choose how I want it cut I have to find out how I can store a whole beef! I’ll have to split that one with a friend or family."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Posted By: Maria Mansfield


“Griffith Butchery is the only shop in Canberra where I would consider buying meat. It is unfailingly fresh and flavoursome, and there is every cut you could want. Try the pork belly (crackle to die for), the chorizos, the fillet beef and order a side of lamb. To cap it off, Richard and Co. are always ready to help with ideas, cooking tips and good jokes. Nothing could be finer."
Posted By: Katherine Gould



“We’ve been Richard’s customers for nearly 20 years since 1989 when he took over a traditional suburban butcher’s shop.

He has done this by building up dedicated personal relationships with small producers and enthusiastically promoting their produce to his customers and the wider community.

The proof of the product has definitely been in the eating.

We have appreciated his deep commitment to consistency of his high quality service and his undeniable success has been due to his hard work and in maintaining reliable and consistent links with his providers and customers.

We feel lucky that Richard is our local butcher. We particularly appreciate his direct humour and commitment to a quality service. For shopping that’s a necessary part of our life, it’s great that it is always an enjoyable and lively experience."

Posted By: Diana and Ian White