Made on the premises and continuing the characteristics of early times with traditional methods, all sausages are gluten free and made using natural sausage casings. A number of our sausages are also entirely grain free.

ITALIAN – preservative free, grain free
A coarse pork sausage with red wine and pepper

LAMB & ROSEMARY – preservative free
Our Pristine beef & lamb with rosemary, salt and garlic

SPANISH CHORIZO – preservative free, grain free
Made with free range pork, basil, pepper, chilli and garlic with a nice “oomph”

A terrific lean sausage made with a combination of our pristine beef and lamb, a great hit with the whole family

Made with our pristine beef & lamb and tomato and onion seasoning, terrific on the BBQ or grilled

Beef and lamb with pepper, chilli, garlic and coriander, the hottest one of the bunch

A thin sausage made with sage, coriander, pepper, cumin and ginger, best served with mashed potato

PORK & FENNEL preservative free, grain free
A pure pork thick sausage made with salt, pepper and fennel seed.

BEEF AND LAMB – preservative free
A traditional thin sausage made with our Pristine beef and lamb. A very meaty flavour

The same great recipe as the traditional thin and thick in a bite size sausage. Great for kids and the kids at heart

CHICKEN – preservative free, grain free
Made with Enviroganic organic chicken, pepper, coriander, parsley, thyme and onion, has a great chicken flavour

BOEREWORST – preservative free
A thick traditional South African sausage with cloves, pimento, nutmeg and coriander, a real hunger buster

GRAIN FREE BEEF SAUSAGES – preservative free, grain free
A pure Beef Sausages made with traditional techniques.

We are happy to accommodate custom orders for the sausages, for orders over 5 kilograms.

We also sell sausage casings, so if you feel like trying your hand at making your own sausages, then come in and see us.