Free Range Turkey Canberra
Free Range Turkey CanberraFree Range Turkey CanberraFree Range Turkey Canberra


Genuine Free Range Turkeys Canberra

For The Health Conscious Customer

  • Antibiotic Free
  • Paddock to Plate
  • Know where your food comes from
  • Producer of Rare Breeds / Slow food concept
  • Processed with integrity, care and attention

We prefer the term “Open Range” as birds are grown on range once they are mature enough to combat weather conditions. Pens are continuously shifted to fresh grassed areas. Used areas are left for lengthy periods to re-grass and diminish the chance of disease build up.

About Deutschers...

Deutscher's Turkey Farm is a small private business which evolved from a childhood hobby, into a business during the 1970’s.

The farm is situated on a 32 hectare property at Dadswells Bridge between Stawell and Horsham in Western Victoria.

Approximately 3 hours from Melbourne 30 minutes from Halls Gap (Grampians) 30 minutes from Horsham 

‘Fair Dinkum’ Genuine Free Range TURKEY

... A Healthy Choice

Mission Statement

To be a trusted producer of food for our customers and to be a careful and responsible carer of our stock and environs.

Health Conscious Customers

We endeavour to produce the healthiest turkeys possible, without the use of antibiotics or chemical sprays. Natural turkey is high in protein, low in calories and saturated fats. and is good for the heart. Turkey contains high levels of serotonin and is high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Antibiotic Free

Emphasis is on not using antibiotics or growth promotants thus giving customers a healthier food source.

Paddock to Plate

Poults (day olds) are both purchased from a hatchery & hatched on the farm. All birds are raised, grown and processed on the farm. 

Know Where Your Food Comes From

For the discerning customer who is concerned about the welfare of their food source, we are committed to ethical farming practices and good basic poultry husbandry. Grown in Victoria - LESS FOOD MILES.

Rare Breeds ‘Slow Food’

Daryl has been committed to preserving rare breeds of turkeys for the past 30 years. These make up approximately 25% of our yearly production. They generally grow more slowly than commercial whites and can have darker meat with a gamier flavour. Rare birds also tend to have a yellowish textured skin and fat colour.

Varieties of rare breeds are Bourbon Red, Buff, Blue, Black Bronze, Cinnamon, Crimson Dawn, Narragansett, Oregon Grey, Royal Palm, Slate, Sweetgrass. 

Processed with Integrity, Care and Attention

Our birds are selected and transported a few hundred metres to the farm’s abattoir, and are processed in a short time frame, resulting in less stress on the birds.

Strict care and attention is applied to all areas of process

For your enjoyment Deutscher’s Turkey is ...

Tasty • Tender • Delicious
& Superb Quality!