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Taste – Our organic free range chickens are superior in taste and texture

Because organic free range chickens lead longer, more active and natural lives, better muscle tone and natural flavours are promoted, making the chicken tender, succulent and rich in flavour.

Inglewood Farms uses the more natural, healthier method of air chilling our products (as opposed to the spin chilling method adopted by many conventional and regular free range producers which chills product in a slurry of ice and chlorine). Hence Inglewood Farms chickens contain less water. We recommend a more gentle cooking process to ensure their natural flavours and juices are retained.

Health – Our organic free range chicken is a nutritious, healthy food choice for you and your family.

Inglewood Farms’ products are lean, high in protein, contain essential vitamins and minerals, and are free of hormones, growth promotants, genetic modification, preservatives, chemicals, hydrogenated fats, antibiotics, MSG, artificial colourings and flavours. With no additives such as aspartame, tartrazine phosphoric acide, sulphur dioxide, monosodium glutamate, our products may be ideal for those with some allergies and special dietary requirements.

Unlike conventional and regular free range chickens, our poultry are also provided with organic feed grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Their healthy diet and more active lives also means our products should contain less fat (due to foraging) than conventional and regular free range chickens.

The freshness of Inglewood Farms’ products are also supported by our on-site, state-of-the-art organic processing, packaging and cold chain management systems.

Inglewood Farms' products are simply ideal for the health conscious family!

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Animal Welfare – The organic way takes more time, more space, more care and means our chickens must also be free ranging.

Being certified organic free range means our chickens enjoy a higher quality of life. With access to sunshine and supplementary irrigated pastures (post-brooding) and lower stock densities, our chickens have more space and freedom to forage than conventional and regular free range chickens.

Our chickens also grow to maturity at a natural pace - living almost twice as long as non-organic chickens – and because they are free to exercise and forage have well developed gizzards.

Our professional staff, nutritionists and vets ensure the well being of our chickens, with their husbandry, environment and processing also meeting the strict organic and free range standards of certifying bodies.

Our on-site, state-of-the-art organic processing facility also avoids the stress of long distance transport for our chickens, while our strict biosecurity measures reduce the threat of diseases.