Easy Meals

Sometimes the thought of preparing a meal is daunting, so we decide to give it a miss. Luckily we have a wide range of easy meal ideas for you. Many of these options just require a quick cook on a hot plate, and whipping up a quick salad to accompany it, easy.

  • Kebabs – ideal for the barbeque, these pre-marinated kebabs are easy, and simple.
    • Chicken (sweet thai chilli)
    • Lamb (Rosemary and garlic)
    • Beef (capsicum and onion)
  • Lamb oregano lamb leg roast - An easy meal, these little roasts can be cut into strips and tossed through a salad
  • Beef swirls - Thin beef steak wrapped around chorizo sausage mince, with bacon in the middle. Tastes as good as it sounds
  • Moroccan lamb kofta - Seasoned lamb burgers, delicious, and simple
  • Beef burgers - Lightly seasoned beef patties, ideal for an easy meal
  • Marinated beef steaks - Thinly cut, and incredibly tender, we have a range of marinades for any occasion.
    • Red wine and pepper
    • Spicy chilli
    • Garlic and lemon
  • Schnitzels - A classic dish, we have both chicken and veal varieties
  • Crumbed lamb cutlets - lamb cutlets covered in a cheesy bread crumb mixture